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Bullying can present itself in many forms. Sometimes a person may be subject to frequent physical attacks; however, the more common form of bullying is not physical but mental. It can be argued that this type of abuse usually experienced at work, in the home, in education situations is sometimes even more harmful: verbal abuse, manipulation, name calling, isolation, and rumor spreading fall into this type of bullying.

Hypnotherapy can work to tackle bullying by increasing a person’s confidence making them feel stronger, and develop a voice to deal with the situation and the person who is bullying them. It is much easier when confidence is on your side and self belief is present. This gives the person the strength and self esteem to believe they have the power to stand up for themselves.

How we can help:

  • Remove feelings of helplessness that have been planted in your subconscious mind
  • Discover confidence and strength that will give you the ability to deal with situations of bullying and other difficult situations
  • Learn to relax and alleviate anxiety caused by being bullied

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