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Anxiety comes in lots of forms; panic, OCD, shyness, phobias, worry and fear and many more. Anxiety itself is a natural reaction to threat or danger. So when you have that uncomfortable feeling of panic or fear your body is just trying to warn you to get out of that situation ASAP or get ready to fight for your life. Unfortunately the mind sometimes doesn’t distinguish between your imagination and real events. So when you are constructing awful, unbearable scenarios about the future, which aren’t that likely to happen anyway you will be triggering what is called your ‘fight or flight’ reaction.

Now everything boils down your thoughts. Specific thoughts about a situation will cause either anxiety and trigger feelings of fear and bodily sensations such as tightness of breath, shaking, sweating, blushing, racing heart rate. OR other alternative healthy thoughts will cause a emotion that is similar but usually less intense and of a different quality, called concern. Concern does not trigger the uncomfortable fight or flight.

I help people react with ‘concern’ to life’s negative and threatening events. This allows them to manage their lives rationally and positively.

In my sessions we work out any thoughts that are making you feel anxious, panicked, fearful or worried. And work to change them so that your are thinking rationally and feeling healthy emotions. Cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling, combined with hypnosis, relaxation, recordings, practical exercises are a number of tools in the tool kit that get my clients swift and long lasting results.

How we can help:

  • Learn to deal with life’s negative events
  • Live a rational and positive future life
  • Feel healthy emotions again

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